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Meet your new Fanview team.  We are fully dedicated to your success. 

Plain and simple.  We want you to succeed beyond your wildest dreams. 

Fanview has assembled a professional, knowledgable, and

highly specialized team with only your success in mind.

We have decades of real-time experience in delivering your persona to the world.

We believe that all journeys begin with the first step. 

You have chosen to take yours with Fanview and we Thank You.

Welcome to the Team.

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Our Story


Christopher Bailey, Fanview Founder, saw an opportunity 20 years ago, and has never stopped working on his dream to develop state-of-the-art technology, in order to promote high-school and college athletes.  He is deeply aware that it takes more than a wish to make dreams come true.  It takes grit, determination, and a hunger to succeed.  It's what you have.  We know this!

Christopher fully believes fanview is only as successful as you are.  Your success is our only goal.

In short, Fanview is here only for you.  Be seen.  Be heard.  Be You.

We propel you forward with proprietary and patented systems. 

We propel you forward with a team of caring and decicated professionals.

We propel you forward because it's our only goal.


Our Core Team Players

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Image by Kenny Eliason
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